Why Pure Protein Shifted It’s Marketing to Fitness Pros

Toward the end of 2016, the overall market for nutritional/energy bars, as well as, granola/cereal bars was estimated to reach $8.3 billion. Both leading brands and poor performing brands depend on the market despite having a minimal distinction in the nutritional details of different rivals. A remarkable advancement in the marketing model has already been adopted through using fitness experts who already have a vast following on many social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among others. Instagram happens to be the most favoured. Last year, Amanda Lee, one of the reputed fitness experts, affirmed that she manages to make $5,000 for every post that promotes her brands on Instagram and she enjoys over 5.2 million fans. 

Modifying the Market Mix Using Social Media

In the last fiscal year, the marketing mix of Pure Proteins stood at 80 percent conventional marketing, TV was the primary driver while 20 percent was based on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation, digital, as well as, social marketing. The CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) at NBTY, Derek Bowen affirmed that the percentages would significantly increase this year. Social, digital and search will comprise 80percent of the Pure Protein’s marketing mix. That signals a dramatic change in entire, wellness, fitness, nutrition, and health industries. Majority of the brands are willing to invest in the Instagram model that seems to yield the desired outcomes within a short time. However, even the experts agree that determining the ROI is quite an uphill task.

Five Things Fitness Pros Needs to Master About Social Media Marketing

Although the hindrances of social media approach seem quite sophisticated, five fundamental aspects assist fitness professionals in marketing on social media platforms.

  1. Ensuring Every Post Catches On

Your audience can only grow if your posts become acceptable. You will also enjoy more customers and devise other tactics of boosting your income. Well-established firms depend on six crucial things that optimize the outcomes of marketing ideas:

  • Stories
  • Practical value
  • Public
  • Emotion
  • Triggers
  • Social Currency

If visitors enjoy the six things, they will feel free to share your materials. They might gain social credibility, the belief that they are assisting others, and public attention. Therefore, fitness professionals make sure that their clients feel as if they are adding value to the lives of others. They also shift their mindset from providing content to help the readers to provide content that enables the readers to improve the lives of other people.

  1. Posting Four to Six Times Every Day

Your posts are likely to remain the Facebook’s feed for one to three hours. But this will depend on the affinity the page has created up towards targeted readers over a given time. Always post different types of content on the same day. It is crucial to post pictures together with videos, tips of the day, blog posts, memes, and quotes.

  1. Including a Call to Action

People cannot know what you want unless you tell them. Fitness pros always end their posts by asking their readers to do something. Getting many comments boost your Facebook pages so that many people can see it. You can also ask your followers to like the page, message you, especially if they have burning questions or check out your informative blog posts.

  1. Posting the Tip of the Day

Fitness experts who know the value of social media marketing always post a tip of the day. Your fitness tips are likely to spread quickly if you write them in a unique way that enables the leaders to show off utilising your material. You can then end your catchy tip with a call to action.

  1. Becoming the Expert

Social media has helped many fitness experts to increase their knowledge, as well as, the profit margins. Becoming widely known as the guru in the industry is of paramount importance, even before selling the services or products. Social media provide the best platform to meet people of your particular niche and create a warm relationship with them.


Pure Proteins have learned and mastered the benefits of shifting its marketing mix to the social media fitness experts. You also need to invest in social media marketing to succeed in the industry. If you’re looking for a company to help you succeed use this digital marketing agency Liverpool.