Understanding Egyptian Cotton Bathroom Towels and How to Buy the Best

egyptian cotton towels

Although bathroom towels are made of different fabrics to suit people’s unique preferences, Egyptian cotton seems to be a winner among those with sophisticated tastes. Egyptian cotton is among the most luxurious materials in the world, making it ideal for soft, durable bathroom towels. However, finding genuine egyptian cotton towels is much easier said than done, as labels don’t necessarily speak for high quality. It is, therefore, important while shopping to know the hallmarks of a towel made of 100% Egyptian cotton. Before that though, you need to learn more about this material and its advantages.

What is Egyptian cotton?
This is a special type of cotton only grown in the Egyptian Nile Delta. The moderate climate and fertile soils in this region influenced cotton to develop a longer fibre staple which makes for thinner threads. This leads to a higher thread count in towels. Egyptian cotton is usually handpicked which helps in retaining the acclaimed soft quality of the threads.

Why are Egyptian cotton towels so popular?
In addition to luxurious softness, these towels are incredibly durable. Unlike other types, Egyptian cotton towels get softer with age and washing. Colored towels will retain their vibrancy even after many washes, thanks to Egyptian cotton’s tendency to take in water. Such towels will definitely cost you more than regular cotton towels but that is fair bearing in mind that they will last longer and feel softer.

What to look for when buying Egyptian cotton towels
If you really want to soak in the luxury of a genuine Egyptian cotton towel, it is important to shop cautiously. Some manufacturers are simply looking to increase their profits so they often label low quality towels as “Egyptian cotton”.

Here are some guidelines on how to look out for, and also ensure you are getting the real deal:

· The trademark
Check for a white cotton plant inside a dark triangle that looks like an Egyptian pyramid. If your towel lacks this sign, it is obviously a knock-off or blend that won’t deliver the same luxury of the real thing.

· Thread count
This refers to the number of threads in an inch of fabric. The thread count is indicated on the product label as a guide for shoppers. When it comes to towels, the higher the thread count, the softer it feels. People generally avoid normal towels with 200 thread count but they will choose an Egyptian cotton towel of the same count as it feels softer.

· How does it feel against your skin
You cannot really tell how soft and comfortable a bathroom towel is without feeling it. While shopping, touch the fabric and let it flow through your fingers. If it feels rough and hard to the touch, it was probably not made from the Egyptian type of cotton.

Once you take home your towels, make sure they are washed before the initial use. This will soften the towel and make it smooth on skin. You can wash the towel in warm water but avoid bleaching as this might ruin the fabric. If you shop wisely and take proper care of your towels, both you and your guests will enjoy luxurious softness for a long time to come.