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temperature controlled air freight

We understand that handling perishable goods can be very difficult and as such, we offer the best temperature-controlled air freight solutions. We can manage your cargo and have it shipped in the very best conditions to the place of your choosing.

Our temperature controlled air freight company delivers your temperature sensitive and perishable goods in-time and also ensures their delicate condition and shelf life is preserved. By utilizing thermal blankets, temperature controlled ULD, dry ice jelly packaging, and other ultramodern techniques; we are able to deploy temperatures varying from 2 to 8 degrees Celsius all the way to deep cold and room temperature.

We have a professionally trained team that deals with the handling and processing of temperature-sensitive freight by following the set standard operating procedures to ensure that the best distribution practices are followed to the letter. Our services with respect to the temperature-controlled air freight comprise of temperature documentation to ensure regulatory compliance using detailed audit trails.

With our vast experience in moving air freight and an established carrier network, we offer our clients a speedy and secure way of transporting their sensitive cargo. We use refrigerated cargo containers, a specific cargo container type that is fully enclosed to ensure that the temperature-sensitive goods are conveniently maintained at the certain temperature during the transportation process. These containers are carried in the cargo holding area or on the main deck. The temperature controls in the refrigerated containers are normally automatic, except for a few that need to be controlled manually.

The refrigerated container is first chilled before goods are packed into the container. It’s also critical that the refrigerated containers are arranged in a way that allows steady cooling and proper air circulation. Packing stuff tightly in a refrigerated container can negatively hinder air circulation and to damaged goods.

There is a broad variety of goods that need refrigerated transportation and hence require to be shipped in a temperature-controlled freight container. The most obvious include various perishable foods like vegetables and fruits, meats, dairy products, and seafood. Other types of goods that also require temperature-controlled transportation are medical supplies including blood, pharmaceuticals, tissue samples, plus other materials and chemicals that demand temperature-controlled transportation containers.

If you want to hire or know more about temperature-controlled air freight, it is necessary to find a reliable and international freight company. a good company will give you professional advice and a freight quote service for free to help you in this process. Picking the best international freight shipping company will make your shipping easy and stressfree.