Revolutionary new hearing App to test children across Australia


Not everyone is born with all five senses. There are some people in the world who lack one or more senses when they arrive into this world. The world belongs to them, too. The world is equally theirs, too. They deserve to live a normal life. They deserve to be treated the same. They deserve to be given a chance of a free online hearing test‌, treatment and cure.

UK government, for one, has been very active when it comes to helping children who lack the hearing sense. Many children are helped and many are treated every year. Many of them have a successful treatment. There’s a revolutionary hearing app created to test the children across Australia. The app is designed for the ears exercise. The app is available on iPhone, as well as Android. The children with hearing loss, age 4 -10 years are usually tested by this app. The app is designed specially to create a guidance for the development of hearing and listening. Language skills can be observed by using different story-based games. The games keep their focus on listening and noticing the plurals, pronouns and other elements.

Children can practice their hearing and listening skills through their computers. There’s a daily training program awaiting on their very own personal computer that helps them through the world of silence. The training programs tend to develop different strategies for communication and getting in touch through hard hearing situations. Training session can be range from 20 minutes to an hour.

The children wear special and unique headphones. The headphones have a dynamic filter microphone. Then comes the brain games. Different games are a part of this. It is believed that the games help you remember more. The natural and usual ability with games designed to help you memorize more and keep you remember things for longer time. The games help the children to concentrate more. They are very less likely to get distracted, once their training begins. The children playing these games are observed to react quicker. They show a prompt response to everything. Either a gesture or a sign or anything at all. The children show much attention and response towards the happenings around them.

The children playing these games start to think intelligently. They get sharper. They get smarter. They start to understand things. They start to observe everything. When shown a riddle, they tend to solve it with a sharper and quicker mind. The games build confidence in the children. The children who were once afraid, little souls who couldn’t hear, could now react confidently. The games are played which are focused on sound. This gives an exercise to the ears and he brain.

With the advancement in the world, children can now have their hearing app in the phone. In just an app. The app not only tests their hearing, it not only runs training programs. But it also happens to play a role as a hearing aid. These app is way simpler and easier to use. It has taken the world into a new, advanced level.

The app tests the hearing of the children. Notifies their improvements. Keeps a record of the health of their ears. It is not their fault that they either were born without this sense, or this sense was taken away from them later. But all we can do is help them through that. And for that, UK’s new developed app has been a light in the dark. It has been a great thing for many children there in Australia, who are hoping to listen to the worldly voices someday. Who are hoping to be able to be listening and hearing everything.