Different types of MUGA Pitches for sports

Sports persons can only flourish if they have the required facilities for training and regular practice.The facilities required usually differ for every sport, so it can be expensive for a school, stadium or other sports facility to have multiple surfaces for playing games. This has led to the popularity of the MUGA Pitch which is an acronym for Multi Use Games Area, which allows the pitch to be used for a wide variety of sports ranging from tennis to football. There are a total of five different MUGA Pitches depending on the surface material, finish, fencing and other requirements as specified by the relevant governing body for the sport.


The Type 1 MUGA Pitch is a tarmac surface suitable for tennis and basketball, while the Type 2 tarmac MUGA Pitch is designed for netball.The Type 3 and Type 4 MUGA Pitches are using a synthetic rubber surface which has the required resistance to slipping making it suitable for athletics, football and other games. The type 5 MUGA Pitch is an AstroTurf or artificial grasssurface which is used for games like hockey.

The lighting and fencing requirement for each MUGA Pitch will also vary depending on whether national, international or local level games are being played on the surface, for example FIFA will regulate international matches and the surfaces where the games will be played. The method of construction of the MUGA Pitch will depend to a large extent on the type of MUGA Pitch which has been selected for construction.

For example MUGA Pitch of Type 1 and Type 2 are using multiple layers of macadam which is frost resistant, and the thickness of the layers is closely controlled so that it is complies with the relevant guidelines. Type 3 and 4 MUGA Pitches are using a synthetic rubber material like EPDM rubber with a binder or SBR and are available in different colours like green and red. The Type 5 MUGA Pitch is made from synthetic turf which complies to Sport England specifications of thickness, material used for the surface.

This guide to MUGA pitch types is designed to offer you a helpful insight into the many qualities offered by this new and innovative sport surfacing type and all the benefits it can bring.

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